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PRÄZI wear parts for the sand-lime brick industry

As far as wear parts are concerned, it’s all about clever technology. After all, every wear part should last as long as possible, whether we’re dealing with longitudinal plates, front plates, stamp plates or cover plates, moulding prisms, underarms or mandrels.

For the manufacture of wear parts, we rely on computer-controlled machines and cutting-edge heat treatment technology. Our special hardening process guarantees the outstanding durability of our products. At the end of the day, that means the highest possible quality and highest possible customer satisfaction.

Get to know our extensive range by giving us a call! The “Placas Y Moldes” plate system, for example, extends the PRÄZI GROUP’s range of moulding plates. We also include here the wear plates as a patented multi-component system, whereby the wearing surface can be renewed. Here, too, we have an eye on keeping costs down for our customers.

Our wear parts

  • are precision-made and of the highest possible quality,
  • are impressive in their extreme durability
  • can be supplied quickly and reliably, since they are part of our standard stock.

Image: Wear parts kit, brick format 8DF perforated brick

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