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Get your sand-lime bricks in shape

Benefit from our expertise and set yourself up with the best possible configuration options in the sand-lime brick sector! We’ve been supplying high-quality products for all press types and all well-known and new brick formats for more than 30 years.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced employees, we offer

  • the construction and manufacture of complete moulding tools for all common press types,
  • the production of individual components such as upper and lower stamps, moulding tables, moulding frames and peripheral components,
  • overhaul, retrofitting, repairs and custom production.

The highest quality for the centrepiece of your sand-lime brick plant.

The PRÄZI GROUP’s moulding tools allow the production of sand-lime bricks that are particularly accurate in dimension and form. They conform to DIN 106, allowing production for the sand-lime brick quality seal in accordance with DIN EN 771-2. moulding tools for the manufacture of U-shells, E-bricks or champfered bricks as well as facing bricks with excellent edge sharpness.

All of our products stand out for their resistant to wear and their durability. This is because we use only high-quality materials. In addition, we work with cutting-edge production methods – from CAD technology in the design and development through to CNC processing and the employment of special hardening techniques. Modern measuring and test equipment guarantees strict quality control.

Moreover, the PRÄZI GROUP’s technicians will be happy to advise you through the development and realisation of creative brick ideas and lend support in getting your new press tools up and running.

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