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Conveyor systems

For more than 40 years, PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GmbH has been a specialist for the design, implementation and maintenance of customer-specific systems for the delivery of bulk materials.

This wealth of experience is the basis for the services we provide. This includes the customer-orientated construction and development of screw conveyor systems with 3D CAD systems, as well as the manufacture and assembly of complete systems with a displacement volume of up to 100 t/h.

Optimised systems for your particular requirements in

  • waste management,
  • the food industry,
  • the chemical industry,
  • metal processing industry,
  • building materials industry and for
  • heating systems

are all available from us.

PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GmbH will be a dependable partner supporting you through from the first project ideas to operations as well as through the entire life cycle of the system. Having a constant contact person will make communication between us easier.

The following performance features of our systems can be guaranteed through individual planning and high-quality manufacture:

  • careful, gentle transport of your products,
  • reduced installation area thanks to compact technology,
  • dust-free material transport,
  • reduction in maintenance requirements due to external bearings
  • modular assembly system and spare-parts available on short-notice
  • high energy efficiency of the system and
  • customised use of stainless and normal steels, according to intended purpose.


Our construction team will develop with you the optimal solution for your conveying requirements. Working closely together, we will of course take adherence to all currently relevant standards and regulations into account, guaranteeing you a highly efficient system.

Solutions from PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GmbH stand out in particular through:

  • budget-conscious design,
  • innovative problem-solving approach,
  • adherence to current standards and regulations,
  • individual configuration with optimised economic efficiency and
  • personal project supervision.


PRÄZI service is always there for you... for assembly, maintenance or overhauling!

Our well-trained personnel and our optimally equipped fleet of vehicles allow us to react to your needs and problems within 48 hours.

We’ll be there for you quickly so you can avoid costly downtime!

Mixing, metering and conveying system components

You’ll benefit directly from our competence in sheet metal processing and in the machining of the whole range of steel and stainless steel materials, as well as from flexibility in the planning and production of components and assemblies for conveyor systems. We offer modular solutions for the bulk goods processing industry in the areas of

  • metering and discharge systems,
  • bulk goods conveyor systems and
  • mixing systems.Misch Dosier und Foerderanlagen Trogschnecke
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