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PRÄZI Biomass feed technology

As the market leader for biomass feed technology, we have developed two systems, which can be implemented in the system according to size. These are a

  • mixer screw conveyor system for small and medium-sized systems as well as a
  • push floor conveyor system for medium-sized and large systems.

PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK has developed these two systems on a modular principle and only the interfaces to other components have to be fitted individually. Our modular systems allow you to benefit from tried and tested technology, is very efficient and economical for you. Refitting and remodelling to handle new substrates is easy.

We will be your constant and dependable partner from the implementation of your system, through setting it into operation, right through to the maintenance and servicing in later operations.

Your advantages through modern feed technology are

  • flexible raw materials management >
  • energy efficient operation >
  • highest dependability >
  • very little abrasion>

New systems

Our PRÄZI solid substance delivery systems are optimised for the continuous or intermittent feed of renewable raw materials. The compact design and high performance mean that the systems can be placed flexibly and help save you precious working time.

Naturally, all relevant safety regulations and standards are observed (e.g. ATEX directives for construction and manufacture), making your life easier when it comes to the authorities and inspectors. We ensure safe operation over the lifetime of your systems with the very minimum of maintenance.

Mixing screw conveyor feed systems from PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK in combination with vertical mixers of up to 64 m³ holding capacity

With our PRÄZI mixing screw conveyors, you can implement a reliable feed system using your preferred mixer manufacturer. More than 1500 installed systems are proof of our competence in these units.

Our company works closely with all well-known manufacturers and can therefore offer you a complete system from one source, making the implementation of a new system considerably easier.
PRÄZI 300 and 500 type screw conveyor systems are optimised for the widest range of application. The 300 “maxi feed” system is specially designed for traditional substrates such as maize and pays for itself through a low purchase price and a long service life.

The 500 “mega feed” product family is an all-rounder, and is particularly suitable for shifting substances that are difficult to feed. The investment costs of the 500 are offset by its low energy consumption and high-performance with less time required. Irrespective of changes in statutory guidelines, your system will be fit for the future.

Our PRÄZI screw conveyor systems are comprised of the main components

  • supply auger,
  • steep auger and
  • tamping auger.

Characteristic features of our PRÄZI screw conveyor and discharge systems are

  • special gas sealing on the feed-throughs of the tamping auger,
  • simplified servicing and time-saving through large-dimensioned maintenance openings,
  • the use of universal flanges to cut the time required for assembly and to reduce installation costs,
  • a progressive conveyor gradient, making it easy to move even difficult mixing substrates,
  • easy assembly through pre-installed screw conveyor systems and with no welding required, saving ATEX,
  • two fermenters can be filled simultaneously,
  • decoupled weighing and accurate metering of your formulas through a contactless transition between vertical mixer and screw conveyor system and
  • an earthing cable stirrup on the solid feed system, fulfilling ATEX guidelines for zones 1 and 2.

Push-floor screw conveyor systems from PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK in combination with a push-floor system with up to 200 m³ holding capacity

A push floor serves to discharge the bulk goods from the bunker. It consists of two or more hydraulic rakes that guide the material via a steep and tampering auger to the fermenter. Solid materials stockage for up to 48 hours is possible for larger facilities with this system solution, saving you considerable working time.

This system with its concrete construction is durable and robust. The floor is finished with acid-resistant and abrasion- resistant plastic to protect the structure, reducing the friction resistance of the rakes and lowering energy consumption.

The push-floor system is available from us as a complete system with compact push-floor. You can also choose to set up the bunker yourself in consultation with us.

Characteristic features of discharge systems developed by us are

  • abrasion- and acid-resistant plastic finish to protect the solids bunker,
  • intuitive control system,
  • robust construction, low wear and tear, low corrosion,
  • low-maintenance and
  • high conveying capacity with low energy consumption.
  • Assembly is cost-effective and quick; concrete work may be undertaken by the customer.
  • Optimum space utilisation,
  • Hydraulic stroke cycle adjustment for variable discharge and
  • cylinders, seals and hydraulic pipes do not come into contact with the conveyed material.

PRÄZI Typ 500

Screw conveyor modification, from the 300 to the 500

If you have to switch over to a different substrate, you always have the possibility to convert to our 500 product series. This will make your system fit for the future! A one-time investment guarantees you planning security in the long-term, since the 500 series screw conveyors can be used universally with all substrates.
Apart from PRÄZI’s own systems, third-party systems are also suitable for retrofitting. Problems with guarantees and warranties relating to existing works can be avoided thanks to clearly defined interfaces.
If space is an issue, the PRÄZI 300S is an alternative. It can be integrated into the material flow and helps optimise feed through dispersal.

We offer you reliable support and solutions that will allow you to plan with confidence, even in the future.


We’re your dependable partner for assembly, maintenance or overhauling!

Our well-trained personnel and our optimally equipped fleet of vehicles allow us to react quickly to your needs and problems.

Replacement parts can generally be at your door within 48 hours, thanks to our well-stocked parts inventory, so you can avoid costly downtime.
We’re here for you, should you need us!

Service Hotline

Expert contact partners are available at the following number during business hours:

Tel.: +49 (0) 5471 - 805 – 11

Outside office hours, please contact us via our service mailbox:

Tel.: +49 (0) 175 692 2770.


Your requests and problems will be addressed via the service telephone by flexible and experienced members of staff, and practiced service technicians with a well-equipped fleet of vehicles will be on their way to you, if necessary, to help you avoid downtime.

Replacement parts

The use of standard parts and system components ensures the reliable availability of spare parts, making the replacement of damaged system components possible within the shortest time.


We offer the regular inspection of your system for a fixed price within the framework of an optional inspection contract. Regular inspection of the conveyor technology in your biogas plant guarantees you continual, trouble-free operation. Our service team will be happy to answer all your questions in this regard.

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