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We are your system partner for crop flow

PRÄZI GROUP has been producing high-quality components for over forty years in close cooperation with the agricultural machine industry. Many of our partners appreciate our specialising in rotation components for the agricultural machine industry, since our products are durable and robust.

We focus on rotation components for combines, harvesting attachments, self-propelled shredders, beet harvesters, potato harvesters and transfer vehicles .

Ourscrew conveyor range and the production ofrotation components is the result of ultra-modern manufacturing facilities and highly-trained specialist personnel:

Round bending technology

  • Sheet length up to 4000mm:
    Thickness 1.5-4mm
    AØ 300-600mm
  • Sheet length up to 2000mm:
    Thickness 1-4mm
    AØ 220-300mm

Special longitudinal automatic welding machines for drum bodies

  • Component length up to 4000mm
  • Welding process:  MAG, MAG-Impulse

CNC sheet metal forming: stamping, nibbling, laser machining

  • Material thickness of up to 4mm, S material
  • Sheet format max. 1500 x 3500mm "large format"

Sheet metal forming: Pressing

  • Aufspannfläche  1300 x 2000 mm
  • Pressdruck  max. 400 t
  • Einspannhöhe/ Werkzeughöhe  max. 1400 mm
  • Hub  max. 800 mm
  • Schneckenflügel, sonstige Pressteile

Endless rolled augers

Material: steel St37QSTE etc.
Thickness up to 8mm
Widths 10 – 200mm
AØ  80 – 800mm

Material:  stainless steel
Thickness 6mm
Widths 10 – 200m
AØ  80 – 800mm

CNC robotic welding

  • MIG/ MAG welding processes
  • Robot with 8 axes for component lengths of up to 2500m

Special processes for components subject to high abrasion stress

  • surface hardening processes
  • flame spraying processes
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