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Preciz, s.r.o. Praezigruppe Tschechien

PRECIZ, s.r.o.

The PRECIZ s.r.o. company was founded in 1995 and is a subsidiary of PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG. The expansion of the production floor takes a huge step forward with the completion of the new factory in 2008, and manufacturing capacity is expanded yet again in 2013. The company is mainly a producer of highly precise flat components, which are used in general mechanical engineering, tool manufacture and equipment making. Precision-ground steel in accordance with DIN 59350 is also produced. Sales are most successful in the eastern EU countries.

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PRECIZ, s.r.o.
Kvitkovická 1627
76361 Napajedla
Czech Republic

Tel: +42 0 577 113 041
Fax: +42 0 577 923 457


Managing Director:
Martin Ballos
Bernhard Feikus


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